Word of Encouragement – 10/4/17

I was touched and blessed by each message Bro. Grady has preached to us this week. I was particularly touched by his message, “Out on a Limb” Sunday night. His reference was Joshua 3 where God commanded Joshua and the people to get ready to cross the Jordan River with the Ark of the Covenant. Humanly speaking, it was “risky” – because the waters normally, were treacherous, but God promised to stand the waters still while they crossed over. The command God gave to Joshua was, “As I was with Moses, so shall I be with you.”

Bro. Grady reminded us that God permits us to come into experiences where we must trust God, and launch out into a place where we’ve never been before — a place of the unknown — a place of risk and danger. But the truth is, where God leads us, He makes a way. Who are we to question Him?

But we do sometimes question God. Sometimes, getting ourselves out on a limb is frightful because (1) We might fail; (2) We might look foolish to others; (3) We might face criticism; (4) We are prone to launch out in the energy of the flesh.

Faith is not the results of a person who is inundated with self- confidence. In fact, I would venture to say self-confidence is a great hindrance to faith, and to bow to it is to bow to the flesh, which will never bring success – as far as doing God’s will is concerned.

Let’s be a people of faith. Let’s find out what God’s plan is, and get on board with it. Let’s trust that He knows exactly what He’s doing, and He delights in developing a path for us which absolutely defies human logic, and it is a plan which drives us into the unknown. That’s the way He receives glory through our lives — not by our cocksureness and human pride.

God knows what He is about — and He knows exactly where to take you, and how to get you there.

Trust Him.