Word of Encouragement – 10/11/17

God has a way of revealing His kindness to us in unexpected ways – using total strangers in the process.

I have posted this story on Facebook and it will be in next Friday’s Waxahachie Daily Light, but I wanted to share it in our newsletter.

On my way to taking Levi to Mother’s Day Out last Monday, we made a stop through the drive up at Chick Fil A where I was going to pick up some lunch for him. Just as I was about three cars from the window, I discovered that I had forgotten my wallet.

I asked the girl if she would lay my order aside and let me go to my house to get my wallet. She just simply handed the food over to me and said, “This is on us — just pay it forward.”

I was touched by this act of kindness, and considered it a reminder of God’s grace upon our lives all the time.

The Chick Fil A corporation is such an illustration of what happens when a business is built upon biblical principles. One hardly passes by their restaurants without seeing a long line of cars lining the surrounding streets. They offer the most cordial, and excellent service, and they honor the Lord by being closed on His day.

A few years ago, the radical left attacked them in the media for simply stating their support of the traditional family. A lot of left-wing organizations rose up in arms, there were threats of boycotts and lawsuits. But Chick Fil A just continued serving the public with a smile and their trademark phrase “my pleasure” as customers got their food. Mike Huckabee was prompted to declare July 22, 2012 as National Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day. It resulted in record sales throughout the country. Chick-Fil-A establishments had cars lined up for blocks in most places. I personally sat in the drive up line in Waxahachie for one hour and 6 minutes just to order a peach shake.

In these days when protestors march in favor of same sex marriage, death to cops, and all other debauchery, It is rare, but it is refreshing to see a godly organization that has God’s favor all over it, to receive national recognition.

I love each of you and am glad to be your pastor.

Bro. Paul

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