Word of Encouragement – 10/18/17

One of my prayers concerning revival was that if we experienced one, it wouldn’t be just a fleeting display of emotion, and then be over in a few days. I don’t know about you, but I’m still feeling that the revival fires that were kindled are still going!

We had the privilege of baptizing Cole Rice and Casey Taylor last Sunday, and Marcus reported one more accepted Christ Saturday night as the youth group visited the Hell House in Cedar Hill. We are having many visitors each Sunday and it just seems that the fellowship has been great lately. I pray that it continues.

Bro. Tommy has asked that we have choir rehearsal Sunday at 4:30 p.m. and then all who will, please gather at the church to leave for Waxahachie where we will attend the annual Ellis-Hill association meeting at Farley Street. Dr. Robert Jeffress will speak in the services. I hope as many of our people as possible will attend this service. The big bus will leave here about 5:30 so we can get there in time to get good seats.

Our Good News Club at Palmer Elementary School will be postponed until Thursday, Nov. 2 and will continue through Thursday, Dec. 14. Pray for us as we have this great opportunity to minister to these children in Palmer Elementary.

I look forward to the services Sunday. Please call and invite someone to attend Sunday school and church with you.


Bro. Paul

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