Word of Encouragement – 11/1/17

Just to say thank you is woefully inadequate, but please know, church, that from the bottom of our hearts, Carolyn and I are so grateful to you for the wonderful day yesterday, and for the kind gestures of love you extended to us. The lunch was wonderful, and you showered us with hundreds of dollars, worth of gift cards and cash. But your hugs and personal expressions of love will remain with us forever. You are a loving group of people, and we feel so honored — and humbled to have this great opportunity to serve among you. Never have we ever felt any more loved and accepted than we do here with you.

FBC Palmer is known far and wide as a doctrinally strong, benevolent, loving congregation. You have such a long, rich history of ministry right here on this street corner. Over the past 143 years, 45 men have served this great church and each left their special gifts and their mark on the body. They, along with hundreds of faithful folks who are now in the presence of Jesus, have been used to make you what you are today.

I thank God for the past 2 1/2 years we’ve had the privilege to serve with you. But my history goes back even further – like about 20 years. You honored me by letting me be your interim pastor in 1997, and again in 2008. And I am thankful to have the knowledge of many of those folks who labored here in yesteryear, who are in glory today.

Again, thank you for your most kind, sweet gestures of love and support this past Sunday. We love each of you and want to spend – and be spent among you in the years to come.

Love, Bro. Paul and Carolyn

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