Word of Encouragement – 3/11/2020

Have you ever heard of “Side Door Evangelism?”   We actually have some venues in place for such a ministry — like the Sunshine Club, Men’s Prayer Breakfast, and the Wednesday night ministries — and the Academy. 

 Activities and functions such as these, can be tools to introduce people to the church.  If a church participates in a softball or basketball league, it is absolutely permissible to include non-members to participate.  They, in turn, become acquainted with church people in this “non-threatening” environment, and after much interaction, they could make the next step of coming to worship – or Sunday school, and perhaps even give their lives to Christ. 

It’s sort of a “frog in the kettle” approach.  To insist that they come to Sunday school might be too much pressure and could drive them away.  But after they have developed some friendships in the church, the next step will likely be easier.

 When we were at Colonial Baptist of Lubbock in the late 70s, we had a half-court gym building with a fellowship area.  Not because of any campaign or even much organization, a bunch of young couples met and played volleyball and had cookies and soft drinks.  Then little by little, older members got in on the fellowship by setting up 42 tables.  Before we knew it, other couples outside the church came at the invitation of their friends in church.  We had this fellowship every other Friday night.  And we had a good harvest of young couples to join the church. 

 At that same church, one of our deacons and his wife, had neighbors over for coffee and a discussion of Revelation broke out.  Soon they had a living room full of people every Tuesday night.  They asked their pastor to come and lead in a study of the book.  I cannot honestly say we had additions to the church as a result, but the meeting was a great example of “side door evangelism.”  We have to assume God brought about eternal results, as a result of those home Bible study meetings.

 Our Karen Burns is spearheading a women’s conference, and such is an excellent venue for “side door evangelism.”  We have to accept the fact that not every participant to these meetings will join our church — or even be saved.  But they are great examples of what the Great Commission is all about.  We are to “go” — perhaps not necessarily in a regimented, organized campaign, but simply as we are walking along life’s way, and living our personal lifestyle before our friends, relatives, working associates and neighbors. 

 All of this being said, we must always remember, it is Christ Who builds His church.  I can’t do it — you can’t do it — we are not called to do it.  We are called to go.   Jesus in essence said to Peter, “you are just a little tiny pebble (petros) but upon THIS ROCK (Petra — Christ, the Foundational Stone) I will build my church. 

 I’m so thankful He hasn’t placed that responsibility on me.  I’ve tried in the flesh, to build Christ’s church.  It is unsuccessful, and unsustainable.  Not so with the building performed by Christ.

 Bro. Paul