Word of Encouragement – 3/18/2020

We have seen scenes and experienced things during the past several days, which none of us ever dreamed possible in a lifetime. The red map on Fox News indicates that all of America is consumed in the Coronavirus with the exception of West Virginia. But there are some truisms that I want us to be comforted by:

1. God is on His throne and has never, never lost control.

2. God uses drastic measures sometimes to bring His people to their knees, and in turn, bring about victory and revival

3. We not only can rest in Him, but we are commanded to rest in Him Hebrews 4:1-4. Perhaps He is nudging us to rest during this time.

4. The church is the church, whether gathered on Sunday, or scattered throughout the communities during the week.

As of this writing, I cannot make any kind of announcement as to what the future holds, or what our action plan, as a church will be. We are assessing situations and shall seek to make provisions and offer ministry, especially to those in our congregation who are physically vulnerable.

I want to give a praise report. I am hesitant to call names because I have been chided in the past for showcasing people who simply want to minister, without fanfare or recognition. So I’ll respect that for the moment, and withhold the names — but suffice it to say we have some in our body who have taken food, and offered to go to the pharmacy and wherever to assist those who are homebound and have needs.

There are some who have been critical toward churches for canceling services last week, saying it was a lack of faith. Two thoughts (1) Faith isn’t demonstrated by lack of wisdom and prudence. The church is no less the church because she stayed home one Sunday in 147 years due to legitimate virus concerns (2) The church is the church when she assembles — and the church is no less the church when she is out touching people for Christ during the week -when able-bodied members call to check on the physically challenged. In fact, those daily expressions of love and concern which have been turned into action out in the community may be the most significant expression of the church being the church. I hope we can sing that great contemporary gospel song together some Sunday, “Let the Church be the Church.”

God bless you dear church during these trying — yet especially opportune times. Whether we gather together Sunday — or whether we worship while at home, the church is the church. I love each of you.

Bro. Paul