Word of Encouragement – 3/25/2020

For a Sunday that I didn’t darken the door of the church, I sure did experience a lot of church Sunday – in fact, I don’t know when I ever had so much church! Carolyn and I pulled chairs in front of the computer at home and watched Jordan Tew teach the Sunday school lesson from Baptist Publishing House. According to the view meter, there were almost 2,000 people across the BMA that attended. I saw the indicator of those of our FBC that logged in. It was good! Not quite like sitting around the table in Sunday school — but good.

Then, this is no exaggeration when I say I heard over a dozen messages — Robert Jeffress, Charles Stanley, David Jeremiah, Jack Graham, Ed Young the Daddy and Ed Young the son, Lou Giglio, James Kennedy (who is in Heaven) and some preacher named Eric Johnson on Bethel.tv and another preacher – last name Schreve – who did an outstanding message on stewardship. Then, the guys I heard on Facebook were Grady Cashion of Blooming Grove, Roy Prather of Eighth Avenue, Teague, Munroe Rice – a grandson of one of my deacons in Iola, preaching at his church, Cross Baptist Church near Iola; Jack Comer of Bridge City, and we listened to Carolyn’s little cousin, Linda Davis, playing and singing some gospel songs. It was a day of worship for us. Yes, even though the pandemic is bad – good can come out of bad. Now all this did not take the place of our being with our beloved church — but we thank God that we had this worship opportunity on social media.

Robert Jeffress mentioned a quote in his Sunday message from FBC Dallas. He quoted Adrian Rogers who once said, and this isn’t a verbatim quote, but in essence he said, “If you want to know how rich you are, try counting all the things in your possession that money cannot buy.”

That got me to thinking — I have a wife who loves me and who has never failed to be 100 percent all in when it comes to support of her pastor/husband. I have the blessing of the sounds of life through the giggles and antics of 10 beautiful grandchildren: I’ve never gone hungry — I still have the companionship and joy of a younger brother and sister: I came from a godly, Christian heritage, where parents, grandparents and great grandparents knew and served the Lord. (two great grandfathers, my father, and an uncle were Baptist pastors.) I’ve never been without shelter; I live in the grandest nation in the world, and have always enjoyed liberty and freedom throughout my life; God has given me the gift of memory – so that I can recall a huge majority of my life’s experiences. I enjoy fellowship and friendship with a loving church family; I have more friends than I can count – and than I deserve: most of all, I am a child of the King — and I can go to Him for counsel, for instruction, for comfort, for direction, and for fellowship — and I don’t even have to make an appointment. He is always there, always available, and always — ALWAYS good. All of these blessings — and more — cannot be measured by a bank account balance. I am rich!

Please call on me — I am just a phone call away. 972 935 6352.

Love to all

Bro. Paul