Word of Encouragement – 4/1/2020

One of my biggest faults is for my fertile imagination to imagine the worst. When I lie down at night, I think thoughts like, “Oh, I hope our people don’t leave during this church “hiatus.” I hope they don’t give up and go somewhere else! I know that’s silly thinking, but if you’d like to minister to me in some way, just a phone call to say, “preacher, no matter how long this takes, we’ll be back” will certainly pick me up! So feel free!

When we all get back, it’s going to be a celebration. (maybe not dancing down the aisles and shouting 

like the videos you may have seen on the internet) The only negative things about our reconvening will be no handshakes — no side hugs — probably not even bumping fists — or elbows. But I can live with that — it will just be so grand to see all your smiling faces and hear your voices as we gather together in our 120 year worship center – a worship center that has survived 2 world wars, a great depression, a dust bowl, a nuclear war scare, a presidential assassination, an attack on our nation in 2001, stock market crashes — and now, a world-wide pandemic.

And as of now, regardless of whether there are 30, 40, or 50 people present — or 250!! My plan is to take a wireless microphone, walk around through the crowd, and ask all of you who will to share briefly, what Christ has taught you and impressed upon you during this — possibly the most trying times of our lives. I want to hear from you — and I think your heart will be full to the point you will have something to share.

And if you come down the aisle to make a decision, we will still probably honor the six foot rule — you won’t come to me and whisper in my ear, and I in your ear. Just sit on the front pew, (6 feet apart) and when the invitation hymn has stopped, I’ll ask you to make your public declaration — whether to be saved — baptized, or join the church. If you make the decision, the church will take the customary vote — and rather than the right hand of fellowship, we’ll all say “amen” and probably wave at you.

Yes, there are some customs – and habits mankind has had through the years that may be shattered — or at least put on hold for a time. We all understand that — and just because we don’t bear-hug, or shake hands — or whisper in each other’s ears for a while doesn’t mean God’s presence is any less present.

Oh my – listen to me ramble! It’s because I have cabin fever. But, I’ll be fine the day I get to see all of you in your place the next time we meet. Until that time, I’ll have to be content to stream messages online in hopes that you will hear — and respond. I love each of you. Come expecting the Lord to do something among us, which cannot be explained in human terms.

Love to all
Your stir-crazy, pent-up in the house, pastor