Word of Encouragement – 4/8/2020

This quarantine has a silver lining. While we are homebound, and having to do church via phone calls and internet, and wondering when we will be permitted to return to what we remember as normal life, yet think of what God has done – and is doing among us.

We are not the “church gathered” on Sunday – but are probably coming close to practicing New Testament church ministry in the first century — meeting from house to house — or in our case, families worshiping together in their houses. Our Sunday school young adult class attempted an online “Zoom” bible study last Saturday night. There were some glitches in the connection, but the effort was made — and it was proof positive that where there’s a will there’s a way for people to gather online.

Also, times like these bring out the best in our people. Several have called me and said, “Bro. Paul, do you know of anyone in our church who have needs? We want to help.” Dear people, this is what New Testament Church is about. This was the spirit of the fellowship in Jerusalem as pointed out in Acts 2. Sometimes, a crisis, such as this COVID-19 pandemic, really serves to illustrate what the church is really made of. We – along with thousands of other churches, have absolutely broken from the norm — we are in a place where we’ve never been before – at least in my lifetime. Yes, sometimes these days seem dark – and yet, the spirit of ministry and Christian love becomes more pronounced. Thank you church for being who – and what you are.

I mentioned last week on our internet message that we have a special youth Sunday planned on the first Sunday of June. The youth choir from Unity Baptist Church of Hope Ark. will sing in our morning service. I want it to be a banner day at FBC — lunch after church, and with our youth serving in various capacities. Please mark this date. Of course, all future plans are contingent upon whether or not the quarantine is lifted.

Our Easter message will be on the internet at 11 a.m. Sunday. DVDs will be available to our people who are not on the internet. Thank you Darla and David Gardner for preparing these.

Log onto the Baptist Publishing House Sunday school lesson, taught by Bro. Jordan Tew, at 10 a.m. Of course there are many others of our BMA preachers you can enjoy — Bro. Grady Cashion at FBC Blooming Grove — Rick Lemons, Fellowship, Forney, Bro. Richard Smith at Farley Street — and a host of others. You will not be lacking for worship opportunities Sunday.

Love to each of you,

Bro. Paul