Word of Encouragement – 4/29/2020

We are sorrowful at the home-going of Mrs. Joy Morgan, but rejoicing for her in that great home-going. She’s with her Savior today. Please remember Kat and Dickey and all their family during this time.

I am thankful that, as of this writing, our three deacons are healing nicely from recent surgeries. I praise God for these men – they are servants indeed.

Leadership team, I announced a meeting for May 2 at 10:00am at the church. That still stands, but I shall look into a conference call so we can all meet within the safety of our homes — or wherever you might be. But until you hear that a conference call becomes reality, please count on the meeting at the church. We will practice safe distancing — no handshakes, no hugs — just a smile and a wave.

I am praying for — and expecting God the Father to truly show up when we have our “grand opening” service – whenever that might be. I think that it won’t be long from now. Just a capsule of what to expect — We will open the service with a special video presentation, followed by a couple of songs from our praise team. Then I want to show a 5 minute video of Dr. Clarence Sexton, pastor of Temple Baptist Church of Knoxville Tenn. who shares a most incredible story of the Hebrides Islands revival — off the coast of Scotland, and the phenomenal way that spirit of that revival came to America in the mid-40’s and early 50’s. It is such an amazing story of God’s providential working in this earth. Then — we want to hear from you — and then have a moment of invitation. Then receive the offering. Many of you mailed your offerings to the church – some gave online I’m sure, but If you have been storing up, you can unleash it at the altar.

We shall make this the one and only service for the day. No night Bible study — but we will gradually move back into a regular schedule — but hopefully not back into the old spirit of habit and routine. We want every service to be a coming together of God’s people for a true celebration of Him. I think 2 months without it will bring such an appreciation of the Lord’s power, especially in His church body, and an unwillingness to ever be the same again. Remember that contemporary chorus? — “. . .and I will never be the same again.”

I love each of you and am so glad to be called your pastor.

Bro. Paul