Word of Encouragement – 5/13/2020

My friend Dick Sisk, who preached in our revival 2 years ago, said last week during his daily devotion on Facebook in a study of Habakkuk that the three Hebrew children upon being thrust into Nebuchadneezer’s fiery furnace, were not hurt by the flames, and only the guards at the opening of the furnace, and the ropes that bound the Hebrew children, were destroyed by fire.

That’s what our great God does when He allows us to go through the fire — or in our case during the past 3 months, the coronavirus quarantine. Perhaps this experience has been used to free us from some things that have held us captive — things like apathy, love of pleasure, love of money, taking blessings for granted — and frustration because things don’t go our way. There are many other things that have bound us, that perhaps this experience has been used of God to free us from some of that. Does that make sense?

Thanks so much to Darrell Rasco for setting equipment up for live streaming of services. Message this coming Sunday will be preached from the pulpit. Although the church was empty during the recording, there was something special about standing behind the pulpit and preaching, even if the church was empty. I can only imagine how special it will be to preach to people when we meet for our opening service, which we are planning for June 7.

Thanks to Amy for setting up some things on screen — Thanks to Marcus for hosting our men’s breakfast last Saturday. Thanks again to Darla, David and Madalie for producing and delivering DVDs of the worship to our people who do not have internet capabilities, and for making deliveries and ministering to shut-ins personally. Thank you church for your faithfulness to give to the Lord, during this pandemic. God bless each of you. The greatest people in all the earth are at FBC Palmer. I’m so thankful for each of you

Love, Bro. Paul