Word of Encouragement – 5/20/2020

Now that sunny weather is here, many of you will be more out and about than in previous two-plus months. I am stepping up hours at the office as of now — something like 10 a.m. until ??? If you happen to drive by, and see my car parked in front, please stop and say hello – if you feel comfortable, come on in. Of course, we will observe social distancing. My blinds are open in the study, and I can see who is driving by. When I see you come by, I will be delighted to come out the front door and visit you while you are still sitting in your car. No hugging — no handshaking. Just visit. Please feel free to do this — or if you are not yet comfortable stopping, I’ll gladly take your call. 972 935 6352.

When we record services, it is my hope that we can include a couple of songs from some of our praise team — those who are comfortable about getting out. Darrell is doing an excellent job setting up the video/audio in the auditorium. And it really does feel good preaching from behind the pulpit, even when there wasn’t anyone but Darrell in the crowd. Thanks Darrell!

I am getting anxious to begin services again. I’m still not sure what the game plan will be. This will be discussed by the leadership team on May 30. However, I think I can safely say it will be a gradual start up. Social distancing — masks if you desire — dropping offering in baskets at entrances — and hand sanitizer. We may do, as some other churches in the area are doing — just sitting in every other pew — and keeping the six-foot rule – with exception of couples and parents with children. It will feel a little awkward at first, but little by little, we’ll get used to it — and then one day — in the not too distant future, all the virus will be eradicated, and life will return to some semblance of normality. That’s what I’m praying for.

Message Sunday is “Evidences of a Spirit-filled Life.” Ephesians 5:18-21.

Love to all,

Bro. Paul