Word of Encouragement – 5/27/2020

The time is almost here! For the first time since March 8, we will assemble as a church to worship. I can hardly wait! It will be a special service. We will have a special call to worship — the kind that I’ve always dreamed of having in a church. I think you’ll like it — and furthermore, I think it can be used to draw us all into a real spirit of worship.

I have said in weeks past that I want to hear from you. I hope you will share with us what God the Father has taught you during this quarantine period in which we’ve been. I said I wouldn’t preach — but I will share a brief devotional-type of sermon before we have the invitation. I’m looking so forward to greeting each of you. We will practice the distancing — and will express our Christian love with a smile, a wave, or an “air hug.”

In the weeks to follow, I shall attempt to preach from Matthew 5 through 7 — The Sermon on the Mount. There are wonderful principles just for us – the New Testament Church. Jesus was directing these beatitudes to His disciples. They are absolutely appropriate for us.

Please remember our sick. We have some who are suffering from one illness or another. Pray for Bro. Robert. Bro. Timothy Notgrass, Carolyn Bowen who suffered a broken hip, and remember Bro. Kenny and Rita Caldwell who tested positive for COVID-19.

I love each of you and am thrilled to be your pastor. Be watching the message Sunday — log onto www.fbcpalmer.org and click “media” at the top right. Message will appear and will be titled, “The Blessed Child of God” Matthew 5:3-5.

Bro. Paul