GMA is an auxiliary of the church that the Women’s Missionary Auxiliary sponsors.Any girl in grades four through twelve is eligible to become a member.    The GMA program takes a girl step by step into a relationship with Jesus. As she advances each year in the Forward Steps ( a program of lessons and projects to complete), she grows in that relationship.  The Forward Steps develop a genuine love for God and His way of life.  They concentrate on a positive Christian witness.  They reward hard work and honor those who are willing to commit themselves to learning.  The GMA program teaches all phases of missions. This begins when a girl becomes a Christian by focusing on her place as a missionary in God’s plan.  It continues with studies of and contact with association Baptist missionaries.  Every lesson in the Forward Steps relates to missions.  When you teach the Forward Steps, you teach missions.  GMA introduces learn-by-doing experiences that involve the girls in helping others by using their talents in special ways in the community.  Not only are they learning how to show God’s love, but they are learning how to be good citizens as well.  GMA is all this and more!  It is an exciting learning experience for girls and counselors alike.  You are entering a program that won’t let you merely sit and watch.  As you guide the girls, you will learn along with them.  Can you ask for more? 
GMA’s meet on the first and third Sunday of every month from 1pm-3pm. We enjoy a time of fellowship and lunch every meeting.