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Word of Encouragement – 5/27/2020

The time is almost here! For the first time since March 8, we will assemble as a church to worship. I can hardly wait! It will be a special service. We will have a special call to worship — the kind that I’ve always dreamed of having in a church. I think you’ll like it — and furthermore, I think it can be used to draw us all into a real spirit of worship.


Word of Encouragement – 5/20/2020

Now that sunny weather is here, many of you will be more out and about than in previous two-plus months. I am stepping up hours at the office as of now — something like 10 a.m. until ??? If you happen to drive by, and see my car parked in front, please stop and say hello – if you feel comfortable, come on in. Of course, we will observe social distancing. My blinds are open in the study, and I can see who is driving by. When I see you come by, I will be delighted to come out the front door and visit you while you are still sitting in your car.


Word of Encouragement – 5/13/2020

My friend Dick Sisk, who preached in our revival 2 years ago, said last week during his daily devotion on Facebook in a study of Habakkuk that the three Hebrew children upon being thrust into Nebuchadneezer’s fiery furnace, were not hurt by the flames, and only the guards at the opening of the furnace, and the ropes that bound the Hebrew children, were destroyed by fire.

That’s what our great God does when He allows us to go through the fire — or in our case during the past 3 months, the coronavirus quarantine.


Word of Encouragement – 5/6/2020

We had a wonderful meeting Saturday morning, May 2, with members of our leadership team, and others. Eleven people met at the church, with three others participating through the Internet (Zoom). The meeting was upbeat — filled with hope and optimism. We all agreed that God has been good to us — and we mentioned a date to start back up. This is not iron-clad — but we discussed the possibility of Sunday, June 7. The leadership team will meet on May 30 to revisit this idea.

Can we all see what’s happening here? God the Father has allowed us to go through what He has designed for His people since the beginning of time — He has placed us into a sort of wilderness setting so we may take our focus off things which seemed urgent, and has permitted us to focus more on Him.


Word of Encouragement – 4/29/2020

We are sorrowful at the home-going of Mrs. Joy Morgan, but rejoicing for her in that great home-going. She’s with her Savior today. Please remember Kat and Dickey and all their family during this time.

I am thankful that, as of this writing, our three deacons are healing nicely from recent surgeries. I praise God for these men – they are servants indeed.

Leadership team, I announced a meeting for May 2 at 10:00am at the church. That still stands, but I shall look into a conference call so we can all meet within the safety of our homes — or wherever you might be. But until you hear that a conference call becomes reality, please count on the meeting at the church. We will practice safe distancing — no handshakes, no hugs — just a smile and a wave.

I am praying for — and expecting God the Father to truly show up when we have our “grand opening” service – whenever that might be.


Word of Encouragement – 4/22/2020

What’s church going to look like at FBC Palmer when we get the go-ahead to open back up?

First of all, it won’t be practical to see the house packed shoulder to shoulder on that first Sunday. That may not happen anyway, but we must be prepared.

If we start back up with our usual crowd of 65 – 85, we will want to ask people to space themselves at least 6 feet apart. Since husbands and wives and parents with small children have been huddled up in the house for 2 months, the 6 foot rule shouldn’t apply to them. Sunday school should have the same ruling when it meets at 9:30 a.m. which shouldn’t be a problem — although in a way, I hope it is!

I want to propose that we be in an absolute state of readiness for an unusually large amount of people.


Word of Encouragement – 4/15/2020

THE FIRST SOUND I HEARD EASTER MORNING AT 5:30am was the grand old anthem, “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.” Played by Stephen Burnaman, son of our Jerry and Nancy Burnaman, at Hyde Park Baptist Church of Austin where he has been church organist for years. He downloaded it onto Facebook. The 32,000 pipes of their fabulous organ, (which has a chamber the size of our sanctuary) filled the empty gigantic church — but the notes reached out far beyond her walls. It was a glorious beginning of what was to become a most blessed Resurrection Sunday! Thanks Stephen!

Teel reminded us of Mrs. Wilma playing “Christ Arose” each Easter morning here at FBC. I’m blessed to have been around when she did that years ago. She began the verse slowly, and when the chorus came, she ramped up the volume and the speed, and illustrated to the congregation, through that great anthem, the meaning of Christ’s triumphant resurrection from the grave.

Isn’t it great that we serve a risen Savior?


Word of Encouragement – 4/8/2020

This quarantine has a silver lining. While we are homebound, and having to do church via phone calls and internet, and wondering when we will be permitted to return to what we remember as normal life, yet think of what God has done – and is doing among us.

We are not the “church gathered” on Sunday – but are probably coming close to practicing New Testament church ministry in the first century — meeting from house to house — or in our case, families worshiping together in their houses.


Word of Encouragement – 4/1/2020

One of my biggest faults is for my fertile imagination to imagine the worst. When I lie down at night, I think thoughts like, “Oh, I hope our people don’t leave during this church “hiatus.” I hope they don’t give up and go somewhere else! I know that’s silly thinking, but if you’d like to minister to me in some way, just a phone call to say, “preacher, no matter how long this takes, we’ll be back” will certainly pick me up! So feel free!

When we all get back, it’s going to be a celebration. (maybe not dancing down the aisles and shouting 


Word of Encouragement – 3/25/2020

For a Sunday that I didn’t darken the door of the church, I sure did experience a lot of church Sunday – in fact, I don’t know when I ever had so much church! Carolyn and I pulled chairs in front of the computer at home and watched Jordan Tew teach the Sunday school lesson from Baptist Publishing House. According to the view meter, there were almost 2,000 people across the BMA that attended. I saw the indicator of those of our FBC that logged in. It was good! Not quite like sitting around the table in Sunday school — but good.